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iDuolys - Versatile Medical Couch

Promotal's New Revolution

iDuolys the versatile examination couch

Promotal's New Revolution

iDuolys is a versatile examining couch with a sleek, lightweight design that will improve the comfort of medical professionals and their patients thanks to the access/transfer position. Complete with an optimal gynaecological position and programmable positions the iDuolys delivers autonomous movements that are 2 times faster.


  • Easily accommodate patients with mobility limitations
  • Low 53 cm position provides easier patient access / transfer
  • Safe and smooth electrical movements
  • Compatible with a patient hoist
  • Switch from the low position to the gynaecological position effortlessly
  • Accommodates up to 250 Kg


  • A 2-in-1 couch for gynaecologists and general practitioners
  • Easy to use built-in stirrups (depending on model)
  • A foot control with a double-click function to switch positions without the remote control
  • Movements that are 2 times faster
  • Autonomous movements, press once to change positions
  • Intuitive controls and pre-programmed patient access / transfer position
  • A reprogrammable "Home" position


  • Electrically activated castors (depending on the model)
  • Removable seamless seat upholstery


  • Electrical movements: Height, central backrest, Trendelenburg / reverse Trendelenburg
  • Rear backrest adjustable by hydraulics
  • Variable height from 53 to 99 cm
  • 2 programmable positions, 100% configurable
  • Built-in stirrups


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Height: 53 - 99 cm



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