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Medical Stool

Optimal quality medical stools

Customisable Medical Stools

Customised for Practitioners

Praised by all, the Promotal medical stools are optimal in quality. All significant aspects of your practice are taken into account in designing this stool including comfort, safety, and hygiene. Available in 18 colours to complement any environment.

The Promotal stools are available in various models and sizes to perfectly fit your specialty. Many options allow you to tailor the overall design of the stool: upholstery form and matter, added folder, wheel brakes ... please see the brochure for options.

2-year manufacturer's warranty.

Standard Features:

  • 5 branch brilliant polish finish aluminium base
  • Variable height by column gas
  • Ø 50mm double roller castors (models with roller)
  • Seat : Ø 37 cm
  • Base : Ø 50cm


  • 913: stool on base, hand control, height from 44 to 63 cm
  • 922-10: stool on castors, manual control, height from 38.5 to 47 cm
  • 923-10: stool on castors, manual control, height from 47 to 67.5 cm
  • 926-10: stool on castors, manual control, height from 57.5 to 82.5 cm
  • 923-22: stool on castors, foot control, height from 51 to 69 cm
  • 926-22: stool on castors, foot control, height from 60 to 85.5 cm

Downloadable Documents



Height: Variable Height depending on model



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