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Elineo - Transfer Stretcher

Manoeuvrable and modular - while easy to operate

Elineo Transfer Stretcher

The modular transfer stretcher

Since different establishments have different needs, the Elineo stretcher offers diversee configurations to best meet hospital staff requirements. Designed to last and optimise comfort of use for care workers as well as patient comfort, the ELINEO transfer stretcher will provide complete satisfaction and the essential functions you really need. Manoeuvrable, modular, safe, easy to use and offering optimal comfort for your patients.

Standard Features

  • Variable height from 57 to 90cm (without mattress)
  • Trendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenburg controls on both sides
  • Polyester epoxy-coated steel structure, cloud grey
  • X-ray translucent resin mattress base, C-arm compatible
  • Four ø 200mm castors with centralised braking, two steering castors
  • at the head end (controls on all four corners)
  • Dual gas actuator adjustable backrest
  • Four corner bumpers and protective bumpers along the sides
  • Four accessory sockets
  • The Cotsides fold away neatly beside the mattress
  • Push handles
  • Patient weight capacity: 250kg
  • Various mattress options available to suit specific requirements

More about the Elineo transfer stretcher


  • Ergonomic cotsides ensure easy operation
  • Easy and secure installation of the side rails
  • Push bars at the head and foot ends come as standard
  • Various mattresses available to suit customers requirements
  • New-generation fifth castor for better grip and improved performance (option)
  • compatible with most bed movers*


  • Variable height from 57 to 90cm**
  • Easy-to-use elevation controls on both sides of the stretcher
  • Large storage facility within the optional oxygen cylinder holder base


  • Load capacity of up to 250kg
  • Trendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenburg controls on both sides
  • Centralised brakes at the four corners of the stretcher
  • Stainless steel robust cotsides
  • Compatible with paediatric


  • Waterproof, anti-allergy mattress
  • Simple structure without any protruding parts and easy to clean
  • Detachable oxygen bottle holder base that can be removed without any tools (accessory)
  • Stainless Steel cotsides

* Please contact us for adaptations and confirmation of compatibility
** Height without mattress

Downloadable Documents



Height: 57 - 90cm



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