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Deneo® - Blood Collection & Vaccination Chair

Upgrade to the next level with Deneo®

Deneo® blood sampling & vaccination chair

Deneo®, the blood sampling & vaccination chair from Promotal, combining design and performance

Upgrade to the next level with Deneo®, concentrated innovation allowing better accessibility and greater comfort for the patient and practitioner. The design of Deneo® is the result of long research and numerous encounters in the field with medical laboratory professionals.

Reassurance :

Easy access for the patient (Sit’n Go1 concept), specific design and Bodyshape® upholstery contribute to reassuring your patient.

Sample taking:

With its exceptional versatility, the Deneo® promotes comfortable and safe actions. 2 adjustable ergonomic armrests, 360° rotation*, swivelling arms with pan*, instant emergency position... the Deneo® chair is the ideal solution for blood sampling & vaccination.

Optimisation :

The emergency position is instantly adopted. Practical in reduced spaces, it requires 2 times less space than a traditional sampling chair. The 360° rotation allows the practitioner to take a blood sample from either arm without moving. Finally, the hydraulic variable height system allows you to be in the correct position for sampling and ensures complete independence without electrical wires on the ground.

The Deneo® chair, a complete solution

Up to 200kg patient weight, instant emergency position, variable height from 51cm to 71cm or fixed height of 55cm, bodyshape upholstery for a reassuring design, Sit’n Go concept... each element of the Deneo® sampling chair has been designed to facilitate blood sampling & vaccination. Customise your chair with our wide choice of colours.

1 Sit’n Go : 100% intuitive and innovative system. When the patient goes to sit in the chair, he/she positions his/her hands on the 2 lateral handles and the seat lowers to facilitate entry. Once the patient is sitting, the chair moves back to its original position.

The standard features of the Deneo®

  • Fixed height (55cm) or hydraulic variable height (adjustable seat from 51 to 71cm)
  • One-piece seamless upholstery (Bodyshape)
  • M1 fire-retardant upholstery foam thickness 30mm, density 40kg/Light grey epoxy covered steel for the frame and circular base (except ref. 80010-02R and 80015-02R)
  • 2 removable armrests on ball joints
  • 2 polyurethane handles integrated to the seat
  • Patient weight capacity 200kg

Deneo® product Features


  • Bodyshape® upholstery: natural body position
  • 360° Rotation*
  • Reduced volume, optimised space


  • Covering with antibacterial protection
  • Easy cleaning
  • Seamless upholstery
  • Removable handles


  • Instant emergency position
  • Patient weight capacity 200kg
  • Very stable circular base
  • M1 fire retardant upholstery


  • Sit’n Go concept1: patient welcome facilitated*
  • Low position seat height at 50 to 55cm*

* depending on model

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Height: 55cm or 51-71cm



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